Beginning T25


Remember my New Years Resolution to get in shape and join a fitness challenge group?  I did it and today was day two of doing T25.  I knew if was intense from watching it, but I’m telling you it’s INTENSE!  And, of course, since I wanted to do it perfectly I ran into problems FAST.  They have someone doing the modified version of every exercise so that you can follow her if need be.  I tried not to.  uh huh.  About half way through I was was over heating, breathing hard and not feeling so good.  I quit.  I did.  Really.  During my first workout.  For a good 20 minutes I laid on my bed, closed my eyes and argued with myself about whether I was going to finish the workout or walk away.  But, I’m not a quitter so I got myself back up and I finished the workout.  And felt sick for a few hours afterwards.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I learned something through this.  I want to be perfect – to do it perfectly the first time and every time.  But the point of it all is not immediate perfection.  It’s a progression.  I didn’t want to do the modified version.  To admit that I needed to.  But I DO need to because it’s ALL I can do at this moment.  And that’s okay.  It’s the first step of many towards getting fit.  By the time I got up to finish the workout I had made a decision about something.  I will do ONLY the modified version of the workouts this week, give my body a chance to get used it, be proud that I completed each one and go from there.  I’m giving myself permission to not be perfect.  At the same time I am not letting myself quit the program.  I will see it through, I will give it my best (regardless of what that looks like), and I will be proud of myself for doing so.


Happy New Years and Resolutions

We have entered a new year and like a lot of people I have been thinking about what I want to accomplish in this new year.  I am going to share a few of them with you today because I am planning to blog about my journey in these areas through this next year. 🙂

1)  Spiritual Resolution: “Stand on the grace of God.  Surrender daily and trust God” – Pastor Peter    This is something our pastor shared this past week and it really resonated with me so I’m making it my motto for this year. 🙂

2) A planner is in my future!  I use my kindle for SO many things but when it comes to organizing and lists I’m a paper and pen girl.  I have tried and tried and tried to use apps for this stuff and still nearly every time I grab a piece of paper and pen instead.  This year I am investing in a binder type planner and putting it to use.  I ordered one but you’ll have to wait to see what it’s like until it arrives and I start to set it up. 😉

3) I am getting in shape!  I am done with being 40 lbs overweight…SO done.  Enough is enough.  It’s time to kick this body into gear and get healthy again. 🙂  I quit my gym membership (I know, that sound counter productive but it’s really not!), joined a fitness challenge group that is starting up on January 13th, and bought a home dvd program that I’m pretty sure will push me to my limits. 🙂

There are other smaller goals (aren’t there always 😉  but these are the top 3 big ones that I am starting on right away.   I’ll be sharing my journey with you as I go.  I am so excited to get started!  Happy New Years!




Other than our alarm clocks, we haven’t had a clock in the house for years.  A few days ago I decided to put one in the kitchen.  The only problem is that it ticks really loud.  Like really loud.  All of a sudden today I realized that I’m running around….working faster, eating faster, cleaning faster…all to the tick in the background.  I feel like I’m racing the clock all the time!   Lol   Every time I sit down to check facebook or something I feel like I can’t sit still because times a’tickin….tick…tick…tick…!

A Gym Funny


So there are three of us treadmill loving gals who all end up at the gym around the same time in the morning.  Unfortunately, there are only 2 treadmills.  The first two to arrive get the treadmills, the last one get to work out on this other machine that is sheer torture to workout on.  Today, I was the unlucky third arrival. :-\  Pinning a smile on my face I brave the machine, praying all the while that the first lady doesn’t stay too long (she always gets there a while before us so only had about 10 minutes left when we arrive).  5 minutes in I was just about at the point of being ready to beg her to leave.  lol  She finally stopped talking and left nine minutes in.  By then my legs were killing me.  I stopped the machine, breathed a sigh of relief and said to the second lady “whew this one is hard”.  She laughed and replied “Yeah, I did 15 minutes on that the other day and thought I was going to die!”   I nodded and said “I used to like this machine.  When I first started coming here it wasn’t so hard to do and I used it all the time…but then I found out that’s because it was broken”.  She burst out laughing.  “Yeah”  I said “Then she fixed it and…”  She laughed again as I gratefully climbed onto the treadmill.   It’s the machine.  It is NOT because we are out of shape.  It is definitely the machine.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😀

Back Again and Life at Home

Well, I wasn’t expecting to go offline for such a long time!  The funny thing is that my last post talked about how I was taking back my house and I could post the same thing now.  School is back in session and I have been busy “taking back my house” again.  It’s looking nice now and I’ve got to tell you, I am loving being home 🙂  What a difference it makes being home while the children are in school!  My house is clean and organized, we’re eating better, I exercise regularly and life just feels a lot less stressful.

A lot of people have said to me “What are you going to do with yourself all day?!” and “It must be nice to have all that free time” but it’s not really like that.  I don’t stop, despite the fact that my daughter thinks I lay in bed and read all day while she’s in school.  lol  I think I’m just the kind of person who could never be bored because I’m always finding things to do and I’m always busy…it’s just a different kind of busy now because I can focus on different things.  I always have projects going. 🙂

And speaking of projects…I tackled a big one this summer, which is why I’ve been off-line so long.  It took much longer than I was expecting but it’s beautiful and I’m really happy with the way it came out. 🙂  What was it?  Our bathroom.  Our teeny, tiny ugly bathroom got a transformation this summer 🙂   Here are a couple of before pictures:



It was awful and tiny, with no linen closet.   We gutted it and started from scratch and I’m still amazed at the difference.  We didn’t make the room any bigger but yet it is SO much more spacious!  Here is what it looks like now.  I have a linen closet!


I LOVE my new shower so much!!



(The trim around the window doesn’t match the rest of the room yet because we are going to replace the window so I’m waiting until that is done to change the trim.)


The toothbrush cubbie:


Notice that other than the ironing board cover that I still need to replace, there is no blue in the room? 😉  I was SO happy to get rid of that horrid blueness!

So that’s is some of what I’ve been up to.  I already know what my next project will be and it involves moving walls….this is why I’m never bored.  lol

I’m Taking Back My House

woman doing housekeeping

I’m taking back  my house.  Oh yeah!  And I’m loving every stinkin’ minute of it. 🙂   My house is far from perfect but still…these past few months have seriously pushed the limits.  I have no idea how people manage to work full time, care for their kids, put heals on the table and keep their house clean.  I never succeeded.   Throughout each week my house has ranged from messy to unbearable and back again.    But I never had time to really clean it the way I wanted to – and how I used to when I was home.  So now that school is out I have been taking back my home, one room at a time, and I gotta tell you…it feels good!  I’m loving  being able to walk through my home and have things neat, clean and organized.  We even tackled the kids rooms.   Uh huh.   Things are looking good!  Now if we can just get some much needed summer heat, my carpets will get cleaned.   I am really loving being home.

Let’s Talk!

I was talking with a friend this morning when she asked me how my Mother’s Day was.  My response?  “It was great…we started the day with a big fight…”   She burst out laughing.  I wouldn’t tell that to most people (well, unless you’re on here reading my blog 😉 )  but I knew she would get it.  We talked about how some people we know have proudly stated that they and their spouse have never argued…ever.   They wear it like a badge of honor but I don’t think it’s healthy.  No two people are exactly the same and if you never have an argument, someone is getting run over.  My friend shared how her relationship with her ex-husband fell apart when they stopped fighting.  Why?  Because they were no longer talking about what was important to each of them.  The relationship became one sided and unhealthy.  Stuff was walled up and not dealt with, left to fester and grow.

It made me think back over our years of marriage.  We have certainly had our share of arguments…and not always calm, quiet ones either. 😉   I don’t mind them because they always draw us closer in the end because stuff gets aired out and dealt with.  We work through it.  We no longer let it sit like we did in the early days of our marriage when we didn’t know what to do with our hurt feelings and different opinions.  Now we talk it through.  We take the time needed to calm down if we’re really upset and then we come back and talk it through.  We listen to each other and let each other know we care and want to understand their side as well as share our own.

Communication is so important in a relationship.  I know everyone says that, but it really is true.   Jonathan and I both come from families that don’t communicate well so we’ve had to really work at it.  It’s so worth it though.  He said to me recently “I really like that we’re talking more now” and it’s true.  We’ve fought for what we have.  We’ve put a lot of sweat, tears and prayers into our relationship and it’s paid off.

And as he said tonight “It’s always better afterwards, have you noticed that?”  It’s true.  We are peaceful, happy and in love.  Nothing has been left to wound and fester.  We have each been heard, understood, affirmed and valued.   We love and are loved in return.  I wouldn’t trade that for anything.