Sunburns and Sunburns – Thank God for Burn Spray!


Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written.  School has finished for the year and summer is in full swing.  Cookouts, swimming, outdoor fun.  We love it all.  Unfortunately my skin does not.  My husband teases me that my skin just does not like the sun and he’s probably right.  I burn easily.  We spent the day at the beach last week and even with sunscreen I fried.  Some of my children even got sunburns and that’s a rare occurrence for them because they are blessed enough to have their daddy’s skin. 🙂

When I told some friends how badly I had burned one of them shared her sunburn recipe and it worked really well.   I am never without this stuff in my house now.  Lavender essential oil and aloe are both great for burns and the peppermint oil provides a soothing, cooling feeling to the area instantly.  We all healed very quickly when using this.  I also love the fact that because it’s a spray you don’t have to touch the burned area at all because who really wants to rub something on a burn?  Ouch.

Even though this recipe was originally for sunburns, it is good for any kind of burn.

Burn Spray:

1/2 cup of water

10 drops lavender oil

10 drop peppermint oil

2 T. aloe gel

Mix everything together in a spray bottle and spray over the sunburned areas whenever you need some relief.  Any kind of spray bottle will work but because essential oils do break down plastic I recommend using glass if possible.  This is mine:

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