Our Well Loved Kitten

Last October we got a kitten and she has been a real delight to our family.  We call her Taffy but her full name is Princess Taffy.  It’s a compromise because the girls wanted to name her Princess and the boys wanted to name her Taffy. 🙂

She a super kitten, playful and yet really laid back when it comes to letting the children play with her.  It’s pretty funny sometimes. 🙂  And she’s spoiled – totally spoiled.  I sent a picture of her new bed to my sister recently and she said “I didn’t know cats like beds”.  This one does…but it must be soft and made of fleece or sherpa, it must have a ridge along the edge so she can lounge and have something to rest her head on.   She IS a princess after all 😉


And she really likes to lounge a lot…



Her favorite way to be held is just like you’d hold a baby. 🙂

IMG_2218_6366  IMG_2219_6367






And because we loves her so much we let her kick our shoes out of their place so she can play in the cubbies.



And hide away in our closet when she wants to get away from all the noisy activity 🙂


Over all she’s super playful and easy-going.  Unless you try to put presents under the Christmas tree, filling up HER spot.  Then you’d better look out because when she comes flying out at you, the tree may get tipped over…don’t ask me how I know :-\


Or if you try to keep things in boxes.  It’s like a challenge to her to see if she can get what ever it is out of the box…and she will NOT stop until she succeeds, even if it means eating her way into the box.


And water.  She LOVES water.  I have now added walking around the house checking for any cups of water that may be left out to my bedtime routine because she will go around knocking them all over so she can play in the puddles.  I have no pictures of this but trust me…it happens all the time. :-\   But we don’t mind , most of the time at least, because we love her to pieces. 🙂  Even my I-don’t-want-a-cat husband loves her…I have proof of that one 😉



And she in turn puts up with the crazy things the girls do to her 🙂


And doesn’t even try to hide the fact that she’s happy…so happy…being spoiled and loved on. 🙂






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