Week 3 of T25 and the Dreaded Scale


This weekend Jonathan and I lugged ginormous sap tanks through the woods, over a stone wall and under a crazy maze of waist-high main line and wire. Then we chipped away at a frozen layer of snow/ice with a plastic shovel (don’t ask) so we could lay down and level a platform (which we also lugged through the woods, over the stone wall and under the main lines and wire maze) to put the tanks on…

Jonathan: “This is MY weight loss program. It’s called maple season!”
Me: “Yeah but mine takes only 25 minutes and can be done in the comfort of my living room.”  😉

And now that I have been doing T25 for 3 weeks I thought you all might like an update.   It’s hard.  Like really hard.  At the end of the first week I ended up in the hospital with severe chest pains and after an EKG, blood work and a cat scan…it was determined that it was from my workouts and was told to take it easy.  I’ll admit that freaked me out a little bit.  I took a day off, stretched the next day and then started in again doing the modified version of the workout only and listening to my body when it tried telling me I was pushing too hard.  The first week is kind of brutal.  You end up really sore, but if you push through it the soreness doesn’t come back after that.  I wish I knew this a long time ago because I always eased up on my workouts when I got sore like that.  Had I known that after the first week it would be gone for good I would have kept going!  By week three the workouts were definitely getting easier and I started adding a little bit of the non-modified to it.  I am now at about 1/3 regular and 2/3 modified.  Woohoo!

Probably the biggest thing I have learned is to ignore the scale as much as possible.  It doesn’t want to move.  In three weeks I have only lost 1 pound.  BUT, I have lost over 7 inches and my clothes are definitely fitting looser.   So, if you start this program be sure to take your measurements and let that be your guide.  After all, the goal is to look good and be healthy when I’m done, not weigh a certain number of pounds.  It’s taken me some time to wrap my mind around that.  It helped when my coach said that she usually weigh 145 lbs and she’s been both a size 10 at that weight and a size 4.  Wow!  The scale truly is only one piece of the puzzle.  Muscle weighs more than fat so you may be heavier as a fit person but you will look better.  It’s such a different way of looking at it.  I no longer have a lb weight loss goal.  I have a size goal and body goals.

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