Beginning T25


Remember my New Years Resolution to get in shape and join a fitness challenge group?  I did it and today was day two of doing T25.  I knew if was intense from watching it, but I’m telling you it’s INTENSE!  And, of course, since I wanted to do it perfectly I ran into problems FAST.  They have someone doing the modified version of every exercise so that you can follow her if need be.  I tried not to.  uh huh.  About half way through I was was over heating, breathing hard and not feeling so good.  I quit.  I did.  Really.  During my first workout.  For a good 20 minutes I laid on my bed, closed my eyes and argued with myself about whether I was going to finish the workout or walk away.  But, I’m not a quitter so I got myself back up and I finished the workout.  And felt sick for a few hours afterwards.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I learned something through this.  I want to be perfect – to do it perfectly the first time and every time.  But the point of it all is not immediate perfection.  It’s a progression.  I didn’t want to do the modified version.  To admit that I needed to.  But I DO need to because it’s ALL I can do at this moment.  And that’s okay.  It’s the first step of many towards getting fit.  By the time I got up to finish the workout I had made a decision about something.  I will do ONLY the modified version of the workouts this week, give my body a chance to get used it, be proud that I completed each one and go from there.  I’m giving myself permission to not be perfect.  At the same time I am not letting myself quit the program.  I will see it through, I will give it my best (regardless of what that looks like), and I will be proud of myself for doing so.

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