I’m Taking Back My House

woman doing housekeeping

I’m taking back  my house.  Oh yeah!  And I’m loving every stinkin’ minute of it. 🙂   My house is far from perfect but still…these past few months have seriously pushed the limits.  I have no idea how people manage to work full time, care for their kids, put heals on the table and keep their house clean.  I never succeeded.   Throughout each week my house has ranged from messy to unbearable and back again.    But I never had time to really clean it the way I wanted to – and how I used to when I was home.  So now that school is out I have been taking back my home, one room at a time, and I gotta tell you…it feels good!  I’m loving  being able to walk through my home and have things neat, clean and organized.  We even tackled the kids rooms.   Uh huh.   Things are looking good!  Now if we can just get some much needed summer heat, my carpets will get cleaned.   I am really loving being home.

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