We’ve Decided

I know I’ve been quiet on here but life has been anything but quiet these past couple of weeks.  We did end up making a decision regarding school for next year.   We did a bunch of research and talked to friends who have children in our local school and decided it was time.  We registered all of our children for next year and I gave my notice at school.  We have peace that we’re doing what’s best for all of us and we’re excited about it.  Our children got a tour of the school and got to see their classrooms.  That was exciting!  And they’re thrilled about riding the bus next year. 🙂  One of our sons has been going to the school every week for a month or so now for some testing and I have been really amazed at how different it is from what I was taught growing up.  The teachers are nice and really care about the children.  And after being taught that their primary purpose is to take the rights away from parents I was shocked when I went for a meeting about my son and they told me that it was my right to decide if I wanted him going through testing or not and that my opinion was the only one they cared about so I shouldn’t feel pressured one way or another.  I had so much support from them.  Absolutely amazing.  We are looking forward to next year!


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