Memories – Mini Townsend

There are things in life that have the ability to instantly send us back to another time in our life.  A smell, a sight, a song.  The memory is so strong you can almost taste it.  That happened to me as I was out for a walk the other day.  I spotted a section of woods near the road where I was walking.  You know, the kind that is just perfect for running and playing in as a child.  I might be an adult but there is a child within me still, and that child bounced with excitement as I scanned the area. 🙂  Most people would have just seen trees and leaves and crisscrossed branches.  But I saw roads, forts and houses and it brought a smile to my face.  It was so clear in my mind that I could have drawn a map of the area.

This happens a lot when I see a stretch of woods that are great for playing in and it always makes me smile, like I have this neat little secret those around me can’t see. 🙂

One of my fondest childhood memories is of the woods in our backyard.  My siblings and I created roads, forts, driveways, houses, etc. in our little stretch of woods.   We called it Mini Townsend and we even had a postman 🙂  We played for hours and hours out there and I loved it.  I have often wished I had a picture of it.  I’m pretty sure that anyone else looking at it wouldn’t see the same thing I do though.  We just knew what everything was.  Those trees over there about 18″ apart?  Those aren’t just trees…that’s a road.  You go through the trees, never around.  That opening over there?  That’s my driveway.  To most people it probably just looked like trees and branches and stuff.  But to us, it was all so clearly laid out that it would have been like walking through the center of a modern town and I loved it .

And now, when I look at a section of woods along the road, a town forms in my mind and I can see it all laid out.  Evergreens become houses, logs become bridges, trails become roads, etc.   It always makes me smile and wish I was a child again so I could run through it without looking like a crazy woman 😉


3 thoughts on “Memories – Mini Townsend

  1. Oh, just run and play, and who cares what anyone else thinks! Your kids will think you’re the best, and you’ll have a blast….what else really matters? No one will be watching anyway!

  2. (Oh–and I used to do that all the time with Caroline and Ivanna, when we were really little. Good times. ::happy sighs::)

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