Love Is On My Mind

  Having gone to a wedding on Saturday, and today being Valentines day, is it any wonder that love is on my mind?   Everywhere we look there are pink and red hearts, heart shaped candies, heart boxes of chocolates, and cards declaring our love.  A reminder to show our love to those around us.  Some people are bothered by it, feeling like it forces people to show something that should be shown all the time.  Others welcome it as an opportunity to do something special for  their loves ones.

For me, I like the reminders because otherwise life just happens sometimes.  Without reminders we can get comfortable and busy and lazy in our loving.  Sometimes we need a reminder to do something different, to invest in our relationship.  For us, the wedding this weekend was the reminder.

A friend of our’s took our children overnight.  We dressed up, partly for the wedding party but honestly mostly for each other.  As we watched the bride and groom during the ceremony, we remembered our own.  When the best man made a toast to the couple talking about love and the their having found someone special to share their life with, my husbands put his arm around me and gave a squeeze, a silent sharing of his feelings for me.

We spent the evening visiting with relatives we haven’t seen in a while, catching up and dancing.  We were just being, enjoying every moment together.  Towards the end of the night he sang a song to me while we danced, eyes closed and feeling like we were the only people in the room,  though we were actually in the midst of a dance floor full of people.   It was a heart moment for us.  A giving, a receiving, a time of connecting.

As I look back on that evening, one thing really stands out.  While we knew we were going to the wedding, and so there was some planning as far was what we would wear and things like that, very little else was planned.  We didn’t set out to make it a romantic evening.  We didn’t plan the moments, he didn’t plan the song.  There were no expectations placed on each other.  We were just enjoying the chance to be together, without children, for an evening.  We were just BEING.  And it was wonderful.

Sometimes planning is good, but sometimes we need a reminder to just BE.  To throw out the expectations and let our hearts lead and find each other in their own way.   That is my hope for all of you on this day.  That even as you plan a special evening or meal, you will both be able to relax, let go of the strict expectations and just BE with each other.

  Happy Valentines Day!



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