Thanksgiving and Deep-Fried Turkey

Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving?  We did.  In the 9 years we’ve been married this was the first year we celebrated Thanksgiving in our own home and we were pretty excited about it.  🙂  It was nice!

It was also the first time we’ve deep-fried a turkey!  In preparation, we read the instructions:

And watched some videos that made us wonder how safe this was:

Then we purchased some peanut oil and a fresh turkey and just went for it. 🙂

My son was taking pictures for me and literally took 155 pictures of THIS:

Seriously?!  I haven’t figured out what the fascination was yet…

So anyways, Jonathan heated the oil up to 350 degrees, turned off the burner, put on all kinds of safety gear and gently lowered the turkey into the oil.

We waited, hardly breathing, for an explosion of oil when the turkey was lowered into the pan (see above video)…and waited…and waited.  Nothing.  The oil bubbled gently and that’s it.  Okay, throw the video out…

1 hour later we had a nicely cooked, very juicy turkey!

Yum!  In the meantime, I was inside cooking and setting the table:

After all the food and pies we sat in the living room and did some knitting and talking while the guys watched the football game. 🙂

Then we spent the evening at a friends house and had some more wine and pie.  It was a great day all around.  Thank you Father for so many wonderful blessings!

~@~ ~@~ ~@~

 So what did you all do for Thanksgiving?  Did you go out?  Stay home?  Try something new?  Link up below so we can see and share in the fun!


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and Deep-Fried Turkey

  1. Awww…sounds like you guys had a great day! We did, too. We celebrate with the family we work for–they’re like adopted family. It was a peaceful, relaxing day, the food was incredible, and we wrapped everything up with a couple of games of Scrabble. The best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had, I think.

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