Show Up – Present, Ready, Real, Engaged

This blog speaks to me on so many levels.  Today’s post about showing up really struck a cord in me.  Here is a portion of it:

Show up, friend. You don’t have to fix them and you don’t have to save. Show up, with all of your love and insecurity, with all of your messy beauty and irrational fears. Don’t wait until you think you’re ready. Can we really ever be ready for change?

Show up in the world and be who you already are. Not hiding behind a mask of strength. Not pretending to understand things you don’t. Not a girl who has all the answers. Not a mom who can handle everything or a teacher who is always fresh with ideas or a wife who never gets it wrong. Show up human. Show up authentic. Show up today, in everything you do. Be there, present, ready, real, engaged. Show up and see what happens.  The world is begging you.

Be sure to check out the rest of her 31 Days to Change the World posts when you get a chance.  They are great!


3 thoughts on “Show Up – Present, Ready, Real, Engaged

  1. Thank you, Thank you, this is just what I needed to hear. I have been a recluse for a few months now and need to get back in the “main stream”.
    May God bless you for your work with this blog.

      • Thank you, Stacey, I am so uneducated when it comes to blogs, etc, I can hardly function, so I haven’t updated my site in a long time…don’t think I remember how. “out of sight, out of mind” is my motto when it comes to computers. If I can SEE something, I can usually fix/work on it but it is different with computers! Thanks for your positive feed back, also. Stay close to the Lord and He will direct you.

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