Fun At Canobie Lake Park

Monday we went for our annual trip to Canobie Lake Park!!  It was SO much fun!  We’ve all been eagerly looking forward to it and Monday turned out to be the perfect day for it.  The weather was beautiful and the lines weren’t long at all.  There was very little waiting (sometimes none!), especially for the children’s rides.

As soon as we got there Jonathan and some friends of ours went on the newest roller coaster!  That was one crazy ride!  And they liked it alot 😉

While they were waiting to get on that ride my in laws and I took the children for a ride on the cars nearby.  Jonathan and Caleb drove 🙂

We rode on the bumper cars quite a bit…it’s definitely a favorite 🙂  Towards the end of the day we got Jonathan’s parents to go on them and they had a blast!  It was like watching two little children out there they were laughing and grinning so much! 🙂  And since there wasn’t really any lines for the ride at that point they got on them over and over again. Fun!

Jonathan’s mom deserved a grandma of the day award when she braved the water tunnels so that Emily could go on the ride 🙂

The look on her face was priceless!

Jon and Caleb both went on roller coaster rides for the first time.  I don’t have a picture of Jon since I was at a different ride with the other children at the time but my father-in-law got this picture of Caleb going on one of the roller coasters with his friend.

The girls really like the carriages 🙂

And the carousels are always a big hit 🙂

Caleb really enjoyed his whack-a-mole game.  Gotta love the tongue!  LOL, he does that when he’s concentrating 😉

And Jon gives new meaning to back seat driving on this ride 🙂


Flower Power was a definite favorite with the children!  The cars get whipped around the ends.  They had a blast on it!

Angela was funny because towards the end of the day she started getting sleepy.  At one point I looked over and she was asleep but then a minute later she heard us mention that we were going on the tea cups and she was instantly alert and asking to go with us.   She was determined not to miss a ride…and she didn’t!

It was a fun filled day that we will be talking about for a long time to come.  By the time we left we were t-i-r-e-d…but it was SO worth it!


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