Connecting and Creating Special Memories

One of the things I’ve really been working on this summer is spending time with my children.  Yes, I know, I am with them all day nearly every day.   But I can be with them and yet not connect with them.  With them and yet not be making the most of that time by creating special memories that will last a lifetime.

I am trying to be more aware of that.  More in tune to my children and more willing to say “yes” when they make a request for my time.  I’m not a very spontaneous person.  I like schedules and plans and knowing what I’m doing in advance.   I’m learning to make the mental shift quickly so I can jump in and go with the flow when something unexpected comes up.

One of those times was on Monday.  The children and I went to a city about an hour from us to swap out our modem at Comcast.  Upon leaving there I decided to go to the mall to use my $10 off of $10 or more coupon at JC Penny.  We looked through the store and decided to use the coupon on a remote control car for the boys.  They’ve wanted one for some time and we found some there that were 80% off…by using our coupon we were able to get one for $1.99!  The boys were thrilled (me too!).

Seeing the mall through one of the doorways the children excitedly asked if we could walk around.  I quickly ran through my “to do” list and asked myself if there was anything on it that honestly could not wait until the next day.  There wasn’t so I mentally cleared my list from the day, shifted gears and said yes.  What followed was a memory filled day that we would have missed if I hadn’t made the mental adjustment and focused on creating memories and spending time with my children over my scheduled list of things to do.  We rarely go to the mall so it was quite a treat.  We walked through the entire length of the mall, chatting the whole way, going in every store that carried toys, games, little girls jewelry and hair things, etc…and of course going up and down the escalators a few times and riding the all glass elevator. 🙂  We had a blast!  At lunch time we took a break and ate at the food court and when we were done walking through stores the children played in the children’s play area for quite a while.

Now that the week is nearly over I look back and you know what?  I don’t see a list of things that didn’t get done.  What IS etched into my memory is a day of laughter, fun and connecting with my children.

What can you do today to create a special memory, big or small, with your children?  Whatever it is, do it…it’s SO worth the time and effort.


One thought on “Connecting and Creating Special Memories

  1. Hi Stacy! So cool! Memories are so much fun! Our favorite one is when on a trip back from MInn. we kept seeing signs for Niagara Falls….on the spur of the moment I decided we are going! It was 75 miles from where we were driving….we had so much fun seeing the falls and stuff….spontanteous is the best!! Thanks for sharing!Love, Lisa

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