Swimming Lessons for 2011

It’s been busy the last couple of weeks with swimming lessons every day.  The children really enjoyed them and definitely got a lot out of them.  There’s been a dramatic improvement in their swimming this year.  It’s great to see!

Jon starting swimming within the first week of lessons.  Go Jon!

We haven’t been able to get him to go under water yet so the teachers worked on getting him to practice putting his face in the water so get him used to it.

Caleb, on the other hand, figured it out pretty quick and now loves swimming underwater all the time!

And true to form, he has no fear of jumping!  He was actually doing spins and stuff while jumping.  He definitely kept the teachers on their toes!!  🙂

Hannah no longer clings to the side of the pool.  She’s gained a lot of confidence in the pool this year and has even started going underwater.

She is doing really well with swimming and likes jumping:

Emily is doing well too.  They are helping her to get used to having her face in the water by blowing bubbles in it:

She’s not as comfortable with the jumping, but does really well with swimming.

This was Angela’s first year to take swimming lessons and she was so thrilled to be able to.  She wanted to try everything and did really well.  She likes to jump:

And she even started going under water!

Since she had the last lesson she made lots of friends while waiting for her siblings to finish their lessons. 🙂  It was cute to watch.   There was one girl in her class that was extremely shy and Angela was determined to draw her out.  She’d talk and laugh with her and coax her to play.   Then she’d go from one mom to the other talking to them and playing with their babies. 🙂

It was great fun…and apparently quite restful for daddy.  I tell you, he can sleep anywhere!  lol


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