Fourth of July Fun

On July 4th we went to a community event with games, face painting, food, music and fireworks.   It was a lot of fun and the children had a blast!  They played a variety of games:

Emily was the only one not interested in playing any of the games.  She had cotton candy was on her mind. 🙂  So we got some of that and then we went for some face painting.  The lady doing the face painting was really good!

Emily wanted an elephant. 🙂  The lady said she’d do one for her and she was thrilled!  The elephant was my favorite…it was so cute!


Angela wanted a lady bug 🙂  She was so excited when she saw it in the mirror!


Hannah wanted a flower…a pink and purple one of course! 🙂

Caleb wanted fireworks!  He was pretty excited when he saw them in the mirror too. 🙂

And Jon, my super clean child, didn’t want his face painted…that’s too much like getting dirt on your face don’t you know? 😉

Take a look at this picture:

See those dark clouds overhead?  Yeah…we got rained out shortly after that!  As it rained we took cover in an old carriage house 🙂

Once the rain was done we got some dinner.  Then we bought some popcorn, laid a blanket out on the grass and watched the fireworks.  I didn’t get any pictures of the fireworks since both hands were busy covering Angela’s ears for her.   They were beautiful though!!  The children loved it and said they want to go back next year. 🙂  It was a great way to spend the evening.


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