Perfect Versus Balanced Motherhood

Kat from Inspired to Action just posted about Perfect Mothers vs. Balanced Mothers.   In it she expresses the very things I’ve been sharing on here!  What is perfect vs. balanced motherhood?  Take a look at some of her examples:

Perfection vs. Balance

The world calls us to be “perfect” mothers, but I believe God calls us to be “balanced” mothers.

A “perfect” mother puts appearance above relationship. A “balanced” mother sacrifices appearance for relationship.

A “perfect” mother seeks approval from others. A “balanced” mother seeks approval from God.

A “perfect” mother finds reward in perceived success. A “balanced” mother’s reward is a peaceful heart, family and home.

A “perfect” mother perpetuates the lie and spreads disillusionment. A “balanced” mother breaks the lie and spreads hope, truth and inspiration.

She goes on to challenge mothers to change their perspective and gives some steps that we can take to create that change in our lives.   You can read her article HERE.


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