Barefoot Surprise – Keeping It Real

Remember the post I wrote last week about being real with people?  Well, I had a chance to live that out yesterday morning.

See, my children LOVE being barefoot.  That is, all but one of them – who wants shoes on at all times and even wears socks to bed.  I know…shocking.  How did he end up in this barefoot-at-all times family?!  LOL  Anyways…one of them in particular hates having to wear shoes.  Hates it with a passion.  Once the weather warms up those shoes get kicked off and they don’t get put back on unless absolutely necessary.   See that picture above?  That’s him doing a happy dance/run around the yard this spring because it was finally warm enough for him to go barefoot again.

So yesterday morning my boys had dentist appointments.  I told them to get ready to go and then when it was time to leave they all headed out to the van.  We were doing good.  They’d brushed their teeth (check), we had all five children in the van (check) and we were on time.  (double check – that’s not always the case with 5 little ones, just so you know…)  All was good…

That is until we are pulling into the dentist office and I hear the child who hates shoes tell the child who always wears shoes “uh oh, I don’t have my shoes with me”.  You WHAT?!  Groan.  We have two dentist appointments back to back starting 5 minutes from then and I’ve got a barefoot child with me…and he just happens to be one of the ones scheduled for a cleaning that day.

I ended up parking the van near the door, running in with one of the boys, and explaining to them that one of my children had come barefoot (!) so we needed to send one child in for their cleaning and then have him come out to the van, where I would be with the other children, and give his shoes to his brother so that his brother could come in to get his cleaning done.

They were still chuckling about it when we left.  I wonder if any of them have had a similar thing happen with their children?  Or maybe Caleb’s a complete original. 🙂  LOL  Either way I am so glad that I have freed myself to be real and not beat myself up over the imperfections in our life because if I hadn’t I would have been completely stressed yesterday!


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