A New Walkway and Lawn

Sorry for the long absence of posts guys.   We were busy this weekend helping out at a Night to Honor Israel and then for the past several days I’ve just been exhausted.  I don’t know why…the dreary weather might have something to do with it, I don’t know.   But, as much as I dislike dark, dreary days of rain it is a very good thing for our newly planted grass so I’ll try to refrain from complaining about it. 🙂  And speaking of our new lawn, it’s time to bring you all up to date on what we’ve been doing around here!

For years now, we’ve had a crushed stone walkway to our porch.  Every year it gets kicked around the yard and we rake it all back.   In the summer, the grass tries to crowd in and it starts getting smaller and smaller until we work on it again.  It’s a pain.  So this year we decided to get rid of it and do something different.

Jonathan picked up a load of various sized blue stone and the children and I raked up the crushed stone.

This is the walkway before:

And this is after:

 Here’s one that shows most of the front yard.  We used to have garden beds in front of the house.  We had moved them last year but hadn’t planted any grass in their place yet so that’s why the front “lawn” was so horrible looking.

Once the rocks were out of the way, Jonathan tilled up the area where we wanted to plant grass and sifted out some of the stones/rocks left in the soil.

The boys helped out as much as they could.

Then Jonathan and I worked on laying out the stones for the walkway.  It was an interesting challenge to fit the stones all together…kind of like a puzzle.

The children provided us with dirt whenever we needed it to level the stones out. 🙂

By the end of the day it looked like the picture below.   This picture was taken from the porch, looking towards the driveway. We decided to make it widest at the steps and then narrower for the rest.

(In case you’re wondering about the string…it was a guide to let us know how high the walkway needed to be)

Over the next few days, Jonathan filled in the cracks between the stones in the walkway, added some top soil where needed, tilled and leveled everything out, and then planted the grass.

It now looks like the pictures below except that there is now more green showing. (I took these pictures a few days ago)  The weather we’ve been having this past week has been perfect for our newly planted lawn and the grass is coming in great!


3 thoughts on “A New Walkway and Lawn

  1. Stacy:
    Did you build your home yourself? Your home looks great! When he is done, he can do mine… :O)

    Miss you…
    Trish Schulte

  2. Wow! You guys do really good work, this looks super! Have you guys ever thought about starting your own business? Tim loves doing this kind of stuff and he is really good at it, he would love to help out with anything you guys need if he isnt working, just give us a call. You two really should do this for a living, you are right up there with the pro’s!

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