What a Difference One Change Makes!

This was one of those projects that I started without taking any pictures because I didn’t really think it would make that much of a difference only to be pleasantly surprised in the end!  Thankfully I have a picture of this room from last year that we can use as a before picture. 🙂  Take a look at this picture:

Do you see the shelves to the right of the toilet that held our towels, facecloths and extra toilet paper?  Well, it is old and has been starting to tip over for several months now.  I’ve held off doing anything because I knew we’d be eventually redoing the bathroom and it would be going bye-bye anyways.  The problem is that until we replace the bathtub with a shower stall, there is no other place to put shelves for this stuff.   However, it came to the point where something had to be done so I got creative with storage.  By moving stuff around I was able to create a space under the sink for our towels and I put the facecloths in a basket on the back of the toilet.  The extra toilet paper is sitting in a cardboard shelf that was stuck to the wall with double sided tape.  Both of these are temporary solutions but will work for now. 🙂  What I didn’t expect was how removing those shelves would totally open up the bathroom.  It looks bigger now!  Take a look:

And a closeup of the facecloths. 🙂  I love the way they add color to the room!


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