It’s Here!!!

The carpet is in, we’ve caught up on the missed sleep and my house is beautiful!!!  Woohoo!

Tuesday we moved most of the furniture (all but mattresses and the computer) outside and the other stuff we put in our basement).  You know, you find out just how much stuff you have when you have to move it all!  whew.  I finally crawled into bed at 3:00 am Wednesday.  By 7:15 we were up and moving the rest of it outside (except the computer, which we put in the kitchen.  The timing was perfect…no snow, no rain, just clear skies and sunshine…so we didn’t have to worry about setting our furniture out in the yard.  Wednesday the carpet was all put in and we moved the furniture back into the house before collapsing in bed.   Thursday, I crept out of my bed and placed my feet onto soft warm carpet and sighed.  It is wonderful!!

Remember the paneling I told you I’d decided to take out?  This is what it was like before.  (sorry for the mess…we were already working when I remembered to take a before picture for you)

In order to make it match the rest of the hallway I cut it the same length as the rest of the wall and added the wallpaper border.  The paneling on the wall that’s to the right of the living room doorway I removed completely since it’s part of the kitchen. I also removed the wood that was in the doorway and was thrilled discover that the wall was completely finished behind it…woohoo.  I guess someone had just decided to cover it up with wood.  Whoever lived here before us apparently liked the wood look.  There used to be paneling in the living room too…

Then Jonathan added the trim and it all got a couple of coats of paint.  The hall color (for the bottom half of the wall) was a bit of a challenge.  I’d bought this brown paint called Cafe Latte for the hallway and was really excited about it…only I found out after I finished the hallway that it looks purple during the day and clashed really bad with the living room color.  Oops!  So I had to get another can of paint (Creamy Pebbles) and quickly repaint the hallway during that last day before the carpet got installed.  I took a picture of it in progress so you can see the difference.  The new brown dries as dark as the other one but has no red tones to it.

See the difference?  Add carpet and it now looks like this:

Isn’t that just SO much better?!  The hallway was the most dramatic of the changes we made.  The boys room got a new coat of paint and trim.  Both the girl’s and boy’s room windows were finished.  The living room got a new coat of paint and trim.  The walls are still green, we just changed the shade.  It was a minty green before and I wanted more of a sage green so we changed it to make it less minty.  I tried getting a picture of it while painting so you could see the colors side by side but couldn’t find my camera.  Um, it could be because my house looked like this for about a week while we worked:

Whew!  Am I ever glad to have my house back in order! The living room now looks like this (before we moved everything back in):

And with the furniture in:

Here are some pictures from the bedrooms before we moved the furniture in:

Do the children like it?

Oh yeah!  They wanted to sleep on the floor that night. 🙂  They can run around and play now and it’s QUIET!!  yay!

We’ve got a few more projects to finish up, but the majority of it is done and I am SO happy!


2 thoughts on “It’s Here!!!

  1. I love, love, love, love, LOVE it!!! I always hated that paneling, too…made the house feel closed in and kind of oppressive somehow. With everything you’ve done now, it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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