Recovering Our Couch

Several years ago we were needing a couch and found one for $25.  It was in great shape – except for the cushion covers which were well worn.  The rest of the couch, however, was nice and solid and the foam in the cushions still firm.  So we took it.  Take a look at the cushions though:

And that’s the “good” side of the cushions! 😯 The first time around I bought a couch cover on ebay and for a while it looked like this:

It certainly looked a lot better but the cover was forever getting bunched up and stuff from the children climbing up and down from the couch (totally frustrating) and eventually it also faded and looked dingy so we got rid of it.

Fast forward to yesterday….not wanting to spend more $ on another cover that I would constantly be having to adjust and neaten, I went looking for fabric to recover the cushions.  Wow.  The fabric runs around $20/yd and I figured I’d need around 4 yards.  Ouch.  And there was nothing that would really match well.  It would have to be a solid green or brown.  I gave up and went home.

Then I had an idea!  What if I cut the fabric off of the back of the couch?  No one sees the back of it anyways, right?  I decided to give it a try:

The fabric was really stiff, which concerned me for a bit but then I realized it was probably some kind of stiff starch or something so I washed it in hot water.   While it was drying I stitched and stapled some fabric onto the back of the couch.  I wasn’t concerned about the color because it’s not going to show anyways.   I think it came out pretty good!  (The spots you see in the picture are not on the fabric; they’re reflections from the window)

The fabric from the back of the couch definitely softened after being washed which was great.  I used that large piece, plus some small strips that I was able to salvage from the cushion covers to create a new cover for the cushions.  I used a completely different fabric for most of the back.  It doesn’t show so it didn’t need to match.  I just used some fabric I already had on hand. It’s a little bit stretchy so there’s some give to it.  I used snaps to close it along the top.

Ready to see what our “new” couch looks like?! 🙂

Since I used fabric I already had on hand this project cost me nothing but time and I got it done in half a day.  So…if you ever find yourself with cushions that are worn beyond repair (or you find a great deal on a couch with worn cushion covers like us 🙂 ) don’t hesitate to borrow some fabric from the back of the couch.  🙂


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2 thoughts on “Recovering Our Couch

  1. Stacy~

    LOL!! You are amazingly innovative and tenacious!!!! This looks like a couch we bought new in 1989, within a few years it looked much like your “old” version. How I wish I would of had the smarts to do just what you did! (Given the fact that I dont sew very often) How genious of you and thrifty as well. Good for you! I love reading your blog!!!!

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