My Kitchen Notebooks

I was going to wait until I had them completely finished but decided to go ahead and show you what I’ve been up to lately in my home. 🙂   I have been organizing my recipes.  First I found a couple of pretty 1″ notebooks to use for my project.  Take a look below:

Aren’t they pretty? 🙂  The one on the left has all of my snack and dessert recipes.  The one on the right is for all of my other recipes.  Want to see inside?  I have dividers for each section and then I put the recipes into clear plastic sleeves.  This keeps the recipes from sticking together and also protects them while in use. 🙂

I really like them a lot!  You’ll probably be seeing a bunch more of my recipes posted on here soon because the sooner I get them on here…the sooner they’ll make their way into my notebook. 😉

Then I have another notebook for meal planning and the like.  I haven’t found a pretty notebook for it yet so right now it’s just a white one.  I did print out a decorative cover sheet for it though. 😉

Inside of this one I have shopping lists:

Menu planners:

And new recipes to try:

I am planning to create a section in this notebook for my coupons and also a section for my gardening and canning information as well.


One thought on “My Kitchen Notebooks

  1. This is great! It’s so similar to the idea I had in my head for my recipe storage, and I’m glad to finally see what it could look like. Now on to actually making mine…

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