New Schedule and Snack Ideas

Our schedule has changed once again. 🙂   My husband got his commercial driver’s license recently and began a new job driving school buses morning and afternoon.  Between that and his other job in town he is working full time but his hours are different than they used to be.  He leaves at 6:30 to do the bus route and comes back home afterwards for an hour or so.  Then he leaves for his town job and from there his afternoon bus route, arriving back home around 4:30.

We prefer to eat meals together as a family whenever possible so I spent last week working something out that fits his schedule.  We eat breakfast and do our family devotions during the hour that he is home.  At first everyone needed snacks since we were up for 2-3 hours before breakfast but now we’re all pretty used to it.   We always have fruit available though in case someone is hungry before breakfast time.  I was running into problems with lunch because we’d have breakfast and then lunch time was only 2 hours away.  So now we do a nice big breakfast and then a snack at what used to be our lunch time.  After naps we have another snack and then we have an early dinner around 5:00.  It works out great and we are all pretty happy with it.  What I need now are some healthy snack ideas. Can you all pass your ideas on?  Right now we are doing a lot of fruit and veggies, which is good.  They like them and it’s good for them.  I’d like to mix some other stuff in as well for variety though…any ideas?


3 thoughts on “New Schedule and Snack Ideas

  1. My kids favorite snack at break when homeschooling, was cut up sticks of carrot and celery with peanutbutter or almond butter with raisins and sunflower seeds! yummo! Also cucumbers with soy sauce..

    • Did you mix the raisins and sunflower seeds with the almond butter and then eat it? Cucumbers and soy sauce? wow, I never would have thought of that one! Thanks Linda!

      • Actually, I kept the seeds and raisins in seperate bowls and let the kids either dunk them or sprinkle them on themselves..did you try the cucumbes and soy sauce yet? They are yummy!

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