The Other Side of Natural Living and Healthy Food

Instead of posting a recipe today like I usually do on Tuesdays, I’ve decided to share some food related links with you.  Over the past couple of years our family has been switching over to eating much healthier food.  We’ve come a long way and I’m glad for it.  However, I have been increasingly aware of some things that people run into many times when making these kinds of changes for their families.  The other day I read some excellent articles on these very issues so I want to share them with you.  While I may not agree with every thing she says, I definitely  agree with the heart of what she is sharing in these articles!  They are well done.

Can Natural Living Become an Idol?

Balancing Nutrition and Priorities – Part 1

Balancing Nutrition and Priorities – Part 2

I remember growing up that there were families that we seldom invited over for a meal.  Why?  Simply because we didn’t know what to feed them!  When we did invite them over we were all stressed out trying to come up with a meal they would eat and no matter what we made they or their children always had something negative to say about it.   Eating healthy food is a good thing to do, but we need to be aware of others around us and be gracious to them.

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