Happy Clean Party Mom!

I awoke this morning to my bedroom door being closed quietly, the pitter patter of little feet running all over the house and excited little whispers.  Soon Jonathan got up and little Jon came in and whispered “Mom, you have to stay here for a little bit…it’s a surprise, okay?”  I agreed to wait.  When it was time to come out I was met by a bunch of excited children eager to show me what it was all about. 🙂

There was a sign hanging on the fridge:

Then I was given a bunch of hand made cards and given a tour of the house, which they told me they’d made sure was all nice and clean. 🙂

Children are so precious!  They never cease to surprise me with the things they come up with.  They were so excited to do something special for me…to surprise me with their gifts.  I love them so much!


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