Master Bedroom Reveal

Finally! 🙂  I’m putting my pictures together so  I can show you the changes that we made.  Our room was okay before but just kind of blah.  Because of lighting, the wall color looked okay for part of the day and then yuck for the other part (you can see the difference in the first two pictures).   I left it like that for 2 years and still wasn’t liking it a whole lot so finally decided it was definitely time for a change! 🙂

Here are the BEFORE pictures.  I didn’t do any cleaning up before the pictures were taken so the room is not only blah but MESSY.   It was needing some major decluttering so I did that as soon as the painting was done…

And….here are the AFTER pictures!!

This a closeup of the wall behind our bed.  The purple in this picture is a more true to life color of this wall then the one above.  It’s a dark grayish pruple.  Remember these pictures?  I took a bunch of our favorite one and hung them here and then painted the words with black paint.

Here’s the color.  We used the darker one for the wall behind the bed.  I planned on using the lighter one for the other three walls but it was too dark.  I ended up using a mix that was 7 parts white and 1 part of the lighter purple for the walls.


Remember the curtains I made here?

Because our new dresser is taller than our previous one, we had to remove the mirror that we used to have above it.  I finally decided on a full length one on the closet door and really like it.

I really like the way my jewelry is set up now!  I was tired of it being crowded into my jewelry box.  Now I can easily see what I have and pick what I want to wear…and it looks pretty against the wall too!

Remember the lilac switch plate?

One of the challenges we’ve had is finding a color of paint that looks good next to the tile of our tub because it’s a cool gray color.  The purple looks really nice next to it!

From the bedroom doorway.

Isn’t it pretty?  Sometimes I go in just to look around. 🙂  It was a challenge to make the room purple without being too feminine for my husband.  I stayed away from lace and white for the most part and instead went with black.  Jonathan told me that he really likes it so I’d say it was a success.  Yay!

Also, do you remember this post about painting ceilings?   I tried painting the ceiling with paint that was SEVERAL shades lighter than the purple purple on the walls.  This is what it looked like:

Needless to say I decided white wasn’t so bad after all 🙂


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