It IS the Thought That Counts

They were SO proud of themselves that they were able to change the roll of toilet paper all by themselves too. 🙂   And I imagine that it really was quite a feat when you consider that they had to get it through both ends without messing up the wrapper. 😉

It made me chuckle when I saw it and how pleased they were to have succeeded in getting it on the holder…It warmed my heart that they would try so hard to do something to help me…and it reminded me that just because something isn’t done perfectly the first time doesn’t make it any less meaningful.  They are special and I am proud of them for giving it their all. 🙂

A challenge for today:  Watch for the small things your children do to try to help out and be sure to thank them and let them know how much they are appreciated.  Look beyond the imperfections of their attempts at something and see the purity of their love for you.


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