Apple Donuts and Applesauce

There’s nothing like the smell of cooking apples and cinnamon on a cold and rainy day!  The children and I have been busy lately making what the children call apple donuts (dried apple rings 🙂 ), apple sauce and pear sauce.  We came up with a great system for doing it this year!  While one of the boys washed the apples, the other one peeled them with our apple peeler.

When they were done peeling the apple I took it off the peeler and laid the rings out on the dehydrator trays.  Usually I would peel the ends where the peeler didn’t get the skin off but this year I just broke that part off and threw it in a large pan along with the core and peels.  It saved me quite a bit of time!  Also, when an apple was too soft and wouldn’t peel right with the peeler, I just chopped it up and threw it in this pan as well instead of peeling and slicing it all by hand.

After the dehydrator was filled with apples and running we added about an inch of water to our pan of apple pieces and cooked them until they started to soften a bit.  Then we sent it through our Roma food strainer.

This grinds it up and separates the peels and seeds and stuff from the sauce.  I sent the peels through twice to make sure it got as much of the apple off as possible.  This is all that was left to throw away when we were done!

We added some cinnamon to the applesauce and then froze it in containers and jars we had from store bought apple sauce  (make sure you leave enough room for expansion!)…well that is, what was left of it after we all had some! 🙂

We also made a batch of pear sauce with a bag of pears someone gave us from their pear tree.  When we were done we froze it for later use.  The plan is to use some of it for fruit roll-ups.  Yum!  We were just given 3 more big bags of pears so we’ve still got some more of them to do up…


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