Changing Seasons and Organized Clothing

With the weather getting colder I finally decided that we needed to pack up the children’s summer clothes and pull their winter stuff out.  I always try to take advantage of this time to get rid of anything they’ve out grown and to organize their closets and dressers.

This year we are doing something new.  I did the girl’s clothes this way last week and so far it is making things much easier.  Clothing has become a stress free task.

First we pulled everything out, tried it all on and figured what fit and what didn’t.

Once we knew which clothes fit them we sorted them…pants in a pile, shirts in a pile, pajamas in a pile and church clothes in another pile.  In the past I have always assigned a drawer to each child but this year we decided to do it a different way to better fit our needs.  Reason being, in our family we all wear the same colors each day.  So on one day we’ll all wear red, another day blue, and so on.  Rather than having to constantly search for the right clothes each day I decided to sort their clothes according to color.


First  I picked out a pair of pants and a shirt for each color. (see them lined up along the back of my couch? :-))  Then I placed a pair of underwear, a t-shirt and a pair of socks between the pants and the shirt.   We have two boys, so the younger child has his set of clothing on the bottom and then the set for the older one is on top.  Then I placed each stack in the drawer.  Now I just have to remove one stack of clothing from the drawer and everything they need for that day in there.  In another drawer they each have 2 extra sets of clothing (any color), in case they have to change for some reason during the day, and they each have 3 pairs of pajamas.

Then I went to the closet and sorted their church clothes the same way.

Up until recently everyone put their dirty laundry in the same place so when I did a load of laundry I had some of everyone’s in it.  I started noticing that when I was done folding a load or two of laundry I now had stuff from every room that needed to be put away.  I’m always looking for efficient ways to do things and running to the kitchen to put a face cloth away and then to the bathroom with a couple of towels and then the girl’s room, etc. did not seem like a great use of time.  So now each bedroom has their own hamper and only their clothes go in it.  It’s makes doing laundry so much easier!  I wash the clothes in each room on a different day so now when I fold laundry I know everything I’m folding is going in one room.  Plus, since I’ve sorted by colors/sets it is easy to keep up with it because when I do their laundry everything for those 3 or 4 days/colors are in the basket.  I’m liking it. 🙂


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