New Paint and a Grill

While I’ve been working on our room, Jonathan has been working on the outside of the house.  It was needing some repairs and some new paint.  He did a great job and it looks so nice now!  Here are some before pictures I found.  Notice the small green house lean-to thingy over the front door.

This one is just to give you an idea of what this side of the house looked like.  This picture was actually taken a couple of years ago so it doesn’t show the wear too much.  If you look at the corner of the house down by the ground you can see the messy paint job on the basement part of the house….it was done like this all around the house.  See the piece of siding that goes all the way down to the ground on the corner?   They left it like that on all the corners.  It looked ridiculous.

Okay, this is what it looks like now.

  • The lean-to is gone
  • The garden beds were removed (our garden spot is off to the side of the house now)
  • The cement was painted black
  • The siding was trimmed
  • The trim boards were replaced and painted white
  • The windows were painted white (they were cream before)
  • The porch was painted white (It was cream before) with the floor and steps painted gray
  • The cement steps at the front door were painted gray
  • The table our grill is on was painted gray to match

Doesn’t it look great now?  (Thanks Honey!!!)  We’re going to redo the lawn, remove the stones and put in a flat stone walk way to the porch and the front door at some point.  I’m not sure if we’ll get to it this year or wait until next spring.  We’ll see.

Also, did you notice my new grill on the porch?! 🙂  Our grill died early on this year so we were looking for a new one.  We’d done some research and had decided that we wanted a Weber Q.  We found this one on Craigslist for $100!  It had only been used once or twice if ever!  I really, really like it!!  It grills SO much nicer than our other one ever did.  Here are some pictures.

This is a picture of what it looks like opened up.  It was taken when we first got is so the table wasn’t painted yet.


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