I’m still here…just busy!

It’s been a busy, but fun week!  Sunday we went to Canobie Lake Park with a couple of friends and we had so much fun!  I will have pictures for you soon.

Then on Monday several of us gathered at Anne’s house to swim one last time before she closes her pool.  The weather was perfect and the water felt refreshing.  Hannah is SO close to swimming on her own.  She had arm floaties on and went all over the place in them with me just holding one hand.  I actually let go at one point and she was fine until she realized I had let go. 😉  We swam for hours.  It was great!

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon putting lesson plans together.  It’s different schooling four children now but I’m enjoying it.   It feels overwhelming sometimes but I find as long as I have a schedule (and don’t cram too much stuff into it!) and stay up to date with my lesson plans so I know exactly what needs to be done with each one it goes well.  The children all really like school which helps too.  Right now I’m teaching 4 different grades for phonics, handwriting and math but I try to combine the boys as much as possible and the girls since they are only a year apart.  There are quite a few things they can do together.  Bible, Science, History and Health we do all together as much as possible.

I received a package in the mail for my room too but I’m not telling what it is yet. 😉   Soon…

Speaking of my room…yesterday I sanded the ceiling.  Why, did I wait to do the cealing last?  What a mess!   I’m glad to get that done.  Now I’ve just got to paint it.

SOO, that is some of what has been going on here the last several days.  I know it’s been quiet here at the blog but it’s only because it’s been very busy here at the house. 🙂

I’ll be putting up a recipe that I tried yesterday later on today.  It is SO yummy!


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