The End of Swimming Lessons (Picture heavy)

A couple of weeks ago I told you about how our children’s swimming lessons were going.  Remember this picture and how the girls wouldn’t go near the pool?

Well, they soon got over their shyness and they all had a really good time. 🙂  Emily is SO close to being able to swim on her own!  On their last day there they got to each pick their favorite thing to do.  They picked jumping:

Look at this guy!  He was so funny.  His teacher kept backing up but no matter how far she went he still jumped all the way to her! 😀

The boys really liked the kick boards:

The monkey crawl is another favorite:

And what’s a swimming lesson without making pizza? 😉

Swimming?  Oh yeah, here’s some pictures of that too. 🙂

He looks like he’s drowning here but he’s not really 😉  He spent most of his last lesson under water because he was so happy to have figured out how to go under water without holding his nose 🙂

Jon is probably the closest to swimming on his own.  He’s doing great!

Doesn’t she look happy? 🙂  She wanted my to take this picture of her last day.

And this is what Angela did while waiting for her siblings to finish their classes:

Isn’t she so cute? 🙂



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