Swimming Lessons

We decided to sign our older 4 children up for swimming lessons this year and they started on Monday.  I quickly realized that this was going to be a big adjustment for them.  Not only have they not had a lot of time in big pools but they were going to have to get in and trust someone they had never met before without Mom there.  They’ve had a different teacher each day and I hadn’t realized that I wouldn’t be able to sit on deck while they swam.  All parents have to be outside the fenced-in area.   You can see them but you’re not close to them.  Um yeah…as soon as I left my girls refused to go any where near the pool.  This is where they stayed for the whole class:

The boys were quite a bit braver by the second day though and had a great time!

Jon swimming

Oops, I seem to have gotten both of them with their eyes shut! 😐  Oh well…

Caleb swimming

Then they learned to jump into the pool.  Jon was hesitant but Caleb just went for it.  The teacher kept backing up so he just kept jumping further.  She laughed and teased him about the fact that if she went all the way to the other side he would still jump all the way to her. 🙂

I think they had fun 🙂

Yesterday I signed us up for a family pass and we have started going during the afternoon open swim time so they can get used to the pool and the people there.   The boys jump right in now and the girls walk around in the shallow part now as long as I’m there.


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