Bill Paying Station

In the 8 years that we have been married we’ve never had a real place for things like mail, bills, check books, receipts, envelopes, etc….all of the stuff you use on a regular basis to pay your bills and keep things running smoothly.  My dh was used to filling out checks and stuff on our tall dresser and it just continued that way through the years.  As a result the dresser in our room has been the collect-all for this type of stuff and constantly looked like this:

Okay, maybe not THAT bad, but you get the idea. 😉  I’m a firm believer that bedrooms are supposed to be calm and inviting.   A dresser piled high with papers does not invoke peaceful thoughts.   So I decided to tackle it a couple of weeks ago and create a bill-paying station that was OUTSIDE of the bedroom.  Since we pay some of the bills online, keep track of our credit cards and bank accounts online and have our budget software on the computer that seemed like the most logical place to put it.  So I pulled out some fabric I had on hand and put together an organizer with three sets of pockets (making 6 total).

Then I hung it up on the book case that is next to the computer.  Yes, I stapled it…  In the pockets I put a notebook, long envelopes, short envelopes, our personal and business checkbooks, bank deposit and withdrawal slips, stamps and a pen.  Everything we need to pay the bills.

Next, I hung up a calender that has pockets in each month.  As bills come in I write the amount in on the date that it needs to be paid and place the bill with the envelope in the pocket.  As my dh pays them he puts a check mark next to it so I know I can file it away in the file cabinet.   We’ve been using this system for a couple of weeks now…it’s working great and our bedroom is one big step closer to being stress free.  I’m liking it a lot. 🙂


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