Mirror Redo and Hair Bow Holder

With three little girls in the house who like pretty things and have been blessed with lots of hair bows  (thank you Savta!!), I have been on the lookout for a good way to store hair things.  I had their bows in a couple of the pockets on the girl’s over-the-door shoe holder but they kept falling out and ending up all over the floor.  I knew we needed something better but I didn’t want to hide them away somewhere in a container or drawer.  There are so many pretty colors in there….I’d hate to hide them!  So…THIS is what I came up with:

First I started with a mirror that I picked up at a yard ‘sale’ for free here in town.

I took the loop off the top, sanded it all down and then gave it a couple of coats of paint using a pretty oops paint I picked up a while ago for a few dollars. (It’s not nearly as pink as it looks in this picture!)  Shortly before it completely dried I used my pan scraper to clean the paint off the glass along the inside rim.    I know, I know….I’m a messy painter!

Then I leaned it up against the wall on the girl’s dresser.  Next I needed a glass holder for the bows so that their colors could show through.  I went looking through my cabinets and found a Pampered Chef trifle bowl that has been sitting in my cabinet unused for ages.   Time to put it to good use!  I set it up in front of the mirror and filled it with bows.  Beautiful!!

I’m thinking of adding something to the front of the glass bowl….or maybe the top of the mirror.   Hmm.  When I decide I’ll post a picture for you to see. 🙂


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