Bathroom Redo – Step 1 Completed!

Our bathroom is one room I have wanted to change for a long time.  For one thing everything in there is this ugly blue color. …the tub, the toilet, the sink and the floor.   All of them are old and each of them has problems.   The other problem is that there is no linen closet in this house so there’s no good place to store towels, face cloths, toilet paper etc.

My plan is to replace the blue toilet and sink with white ones,  replace the tub with a shower stall (which in turn will create enough space in there for a small linen closet – yay!), replace the radiator behind the toilet (it’s all rusted), paint the walls and replace the blue flooring with something else.   I’ve been collecting some of what I need for this project over the winter.

Step #1 was completed this week.  The blue toilet is gone and has been replaced with a nice white one!  Not only does it look SO much better but it works wonderfully!  My children stood in amazement at how fast it flushes.  lol  🙂  (the other had gotten to the point where you would hold the  handle down and hope that it actually flushed)  The toilet looks and works like it’s brand new.

Where did we get it and what did we pay for it?  Well we got it from Freecycle so it was FREE!  All we needed was a new seat which we picked up at Walmart for $5 and some change.  Want to see?   Drum roll please….presenting step #1….completed!




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