Happy Birthday Jon!

Monday was my oldest sons birthday.  He turned 7!  It’s hard to believe he’s already seven years old.  Where did the time go?!  He has been counting down the days to his birthday for over a month now so he was pretty excited when it finally arrived.  And to make it even better, we had a friend from church coming to spend the day with us.  Her name is Ms. Ashleigh and the children adore her. 🙂

Today I’m going to share a couple of our birthday traditions with you. 🙂  The poster shown at the top of this post is one of them.  Each year I make a birthday poster using pictures of them from the last year.  We put little sayings under the pictures and decorate the poster with stickers along the same theme line as their cake.  The poster gets hung in the kitchen for a couple of weeks to be enjoyed by everyone.  It seems like a small thing but it’s VERY looked forward to by the children.  And, because it’s hung by our kitchen table, conversation is often sparked by the pictures as we remember different things that happened during the past year.

Another thing we do is let the birthday child pick their favorite meal for dinner and chose a theme for their cake.  For little Jon it is usually macaroni and cheese with hot dogs.  Unfortunately we found out too late that Hannaford no longer carries Oscar Meyers  nitrate/nitrite free hot dogs. 😦  So he decided on macaroni and cheese with hamburg in it this time around with broccoli.    For  a cake he wanted a fire truck cake.  I didn’t want to use red frosting (way too much food coloring!) so I got creative.  When he saw it he said “I like it mom!” so I know it was a success. 🙂

Happy Birthday Jon!!!  We love you!!!


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